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    Tom Chase Anal Balls - Large

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Recent Reviews

  1. The puffy, gaping asslips of my dreams!!! Review by Sir Lawrence

    After working my ass over for hours at a time, burying the 2.75 head/3.0 base/11.5 inch long Great American Challenge so its big, fat balls would slap hard on my big, round asscheeks as I pounded away (see my porntastic review!!!), my ass would just twitch and beg whenever I would look at this massive, veiny monster.

    Whe... [Read More]
    (Posted on 5/21/2018)

  2. Patience Review by Daniel

    Sliding the medium goose into my rectum after many years of assplay wasn’t much of an issue (go slow, go often). Moving the goose past my sigmoid restriction took a long time. I first started with a small, diameter long dildo, using a buttload of lube (J-Lube). This first real girth test was with the small goose. It was a... [Read More]
    (Posted on 5/14/2018)

  3. Wow! Still huge and fat!!! Review by Sir Lawrence

    I got this monster a few years ago to help me take the Great American Challenge (see my porntastic review!!!), as the 2.75 head and 3.0 base on that 11.5 inch monster dick were giving me fits. The 2.75 head slipped in okay on this one, but there is only a little bit of reprieve before the next big 3.0 bump in the middle fla... [Read More]
    (Posted on 5/3/2018)

  4. Lovely to sit on, divine to fuck Review by Sir Lawrence

    Once I could comfortably wear a 1.5 buttplug, and fuck my ass with a 1.75 x 7 dick, this bit of design genius was a great addition, as the bumps provide fabulous sensation, whether just sitting on it (neck too wide to stay put...), or sliding it in and out. Terrific toy for opening my tight ass for bigger, rougher adventure... [Read More]
    (Posted on 5/3/2018)

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