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System Administrator posted this on May 26, 2015

Our original business name was GreyStar Productions. So what does that mean? Many years ago, before webcams were called webcams, there was an internet camera called the QuickCam and sofware called CUSeeMe that was one of the first video conferencing products for personal computers. And of course it was used for online sex! We got hooked up and started hanging out in adult video chat rooms using the nick "Greystar". We would appear on cam with our nick in the title bar of our window, and people started calling us "Grey" and "Star". So when we started our business, we called it "GreyStar Productions". We didn't know what we were going to produce at the time, but we figured the name would cover just about anything.


Fans of our video shows encouraged us to start an amateur porn site. So we did! We started the Big Sex Toys site, which featured us (and somtimes some adventurous friends) playing with the biggest sex toys we could find. is still in operation, but it's our blog site now.


Our fans and members kept asking us where they could find the toys we used in our photo shoots, and we realized that there wren't any stores that specialized in really big toys. We thought about starting one, but we couldn't afford a physical store, and weren't able to buy and stock inventory to ship from our home. Then we found out that there was an adult wholesale warehouse here in the Denver area. We visited them, and they told us about drop shipping... we send them an order, and they ship it directly from their warehouse to our customer. Suddently our dream of having our own sex toy store was closer to reality!


A couple of months later, on September 13, 1998, Big Sex Toy Store opened its virtual doors. We made our first sale (a Bam dildo) the same day. By then end of the month we had made 11 sales, grossing about $1,300. That was $300 more than it took us to set up the website. We were profitable the first month!


Sales increased gradually over the next few months, and then I took a gamble and paid Yahoo $400 to add our site to their search index. (Remember when Yahoo was just a search engine?) That was just before the holiday shopping season. Our sales doubled.


I was working as a software developer at the time, and by the end of the next year we were making about 30% of my "real job" salary from the store. I figured it we could keep growing I might be able to quit my job and run the store full time. And then my company offered a buyout to reduce staff. I walked out with a year's salary in my pocket, and we streteched that to a year and a half. And by then we were making more than my old salary.


We continued to grow, and in 2008 we had three people working for us. Then the recession hit and we had to lay everyone off and it was just back to us doing everything. It's been hard times since then, but we're still here and still trying to bring you the biggest and weirdest toys we can find!


In 2015 we decided to change our business name to reflect what we really do. GreyStar Productions had a lot of baggage from some of the "productions", many of which just didn't work out. Since what we do is Internet sales, we wanted a name that would highlight that.


So our busineds name is now "GreyMaster Sales"... "GreyMaster" because Grey identifies as a Master in the BDSM lifestyle, and "Sales" because our focus is retail sales.


It's been a wild ride, and we're still in the saddle. (And it has a dildo attached!)


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