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Shipping an Order to a Pick-Up Location

System Administrator posted this on Oct 23, 2015

If you're concerned about having an order shipped to your home where someone else might open it, you can usually have your order shipped to a location for pick-up... a UPS Store, UPS Depot, FedEx Office store, or FedEx Depot. You can also have an order shipped to "General Delivery" at a US Post Office.

But before you place your order, please contact us and let us know what you want to order. Most of our suppliers ship US Mail (USPS). Some can ship by either UPS or FedEx, but a few only ship by one or the other. And a couple only ship by US Mail. So we need to know how the products you order are going to be shipped. Here are the guidelines:

  • A US Post Office will only accept USPS shipments
  • A UPS Depot will only accept UPS Shipments
  • A FedEx Depot will only accept FedEx Shipments
  • A UPS Store will usually accept a shipment for you even if you don't rent a box there, but they will charge a fee ($10 seems to be standard) for the service. Most of them will accept any shipment, but since they are independent frachises this is up to the owner of the individual store, and some will only accept UPS shipments. So be sure to check with the store where you want your order shipped.
  • We believe the same is true of FedEx Office stores, but we're still checking on that.


So if you want to place an order with shipment to a pick-up location, this is what you should do:

  • Open a support ticket and tell us what you want to order and where you would like the order shipped. We'll let you know how many packages you can expect, and how they can be shipped.
  • Check with the pick-up location where you would like the order shipped and make sure they will accept all the packages.
  • Ask the pick-up location for the exact address you should use for the shipping address.
  • Place your order, and be sure to enter a separate shipping address using the address of the pick-up location.


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