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Product Review (submitted on April 15, 2017):
After working my sloppy, gaping ass over for a full year with the 3.25 head/3x3.5 base Manolith and the B10 Tango with its 3.25 round bump at the bottom, my maxed out asslips were bouncing and grinding most of the way down the Manolith's massive shaft, and I could really make the precum fly as my dick slapped hard against whatever surface I could perch the Manolith as it made me bounce hard onto that last few inches of its widest part.

But, given the ambitious nature of my huge dick-loving sloppy cunt, I wanted to graduate from "oh, Daddy, your huge dick will barely fit" to "pound me deep for with that huge dick for hours, Daddy" - enter... Cyclops.

As time was a little short, and my horny bitchiness was off the charts, I reached for this monster after only a short warmup with my other huge toys. It took the better part of half an hour of wiggling, grinding and whimpering for Daddy to have the tip of that massive head slip into my smoking, sloppy cunthole, and the whimper quickly turned to a scream when the widest part (3.25x3.5 - ALWAYS measure when sizing up!!!) forced my assring much further open than it had ever gone. What I had not bargained for was that widest part of the huge head was at least a full inch long, and my scream lasted the full length of that widest part dragging open the inner parts of my maxed out assring.

Once it slammed home, my screaming asslips clamped down hard on the sweetly textured 3.25 round shaft, and my cavernous, high mileage asscunt slurped it in deeper and deeper. I could only stand a few seconds of the intensity, and it made me scream again as the lip on that giant head forced my assring wide open on the way out. Turning it around to balls forward and repeating the process, relubing, and switching back and forth eventually allows me to take it while screaming comfortably...

I still need a lot of warmup to take this monster, but the time it takes to force its way in is shorter and shorter, the intervals of fucking are longer, and it has become much more comfortable to violate my sloppy, nasty cunt with by far the biggest dick I have ever taken. As planned, that huge stretch has allowed me to grind the Manolith all the way to the base, and really slam the B10 Tango hard!!!

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