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Big White Cock

Big White Cock

Product Review (submitted on November 2, 2017):
First - I was amazed with the great service. My hat is off to Starr and Grey. They provided the best service I have had in a long time.

Early reports on the dildo - I have used it twice now. I did enjoy it, it filled me up, first had me dripping with cum, then orgasm with hand assist. With a large dildo like this, I can usually ride it hard until I cum. I am not there yet with this one because it is more firm and stiffer than I expected from the description on the web page. I did find starting with a smaller dildo like BAM or John Holmes eased my transition on this one the second time. Also, lots of lube so the thick head can massage your insides comfortably.

My recommendation - worth buying if you want to be filled up more than BAM can do. I will be working my way up to a hard ride on this big one.

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