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Fat Boy Extender

Fat Boy Extender

Product Review (submitted on December 6, 2017):
Super soft and stretchy, these are pretty useless as an “extender”. You will slip out of it, or bust through the end and ruin it. The quality control had been dismal, with some of my seven that I’ve had breaking after just three uses! They tend to tear at the ball loop, due to insufficient injection temperatures when being molded. Bubbles in the inside surface can make them fail easily, and these will ruin latex if left too long in contact with it.

BUT! This sleeve will deliver the MOST INTENSE ORGASM YOU HAVE EVER HAD. Period. Have your lover stroke you off with this, and tell them to keep stroking after you cum... but maybe have them tie you down first. You will need it. Amazing toy. We love ours, but it’s an expensive addiction. Plus, unfortunately this price is not a good one. Buy it anyway, lube it with just a little water based lube, slide it on (breathtaking!) and hold on!

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