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American Bombshell: Block Buster

American Bombshell: Block Buster

Product Review (submitted on February 2, 2018):
I've had this plug for a few years now and it's still my biggest one. I absolutely love to have it inside me. But it does take a while to work up to it each time as it stretches me to the max and barely fits between my hips. I love getting to the point when I get to pull this out. The adrenaline rush you get sitting on it is intense. All lubed up feeling your ass expand and separate.

Then you get to the point that you are balancing on it while you sit there on it. Each breath widening your ass just a little bit and you realize it's going to take a bit more to get it to go in. So you add a little bit more pressure, but your ass doesn't want to give in so easy. Deep breaths now, it's almost there. Each full exhale slightly relaxes your ass enough for the monster to creep in a bit more... one... two... three breaths.

You stop pushing and just sit there on it for a minute and start to wonder if you need more time. Then decide everything is better with a little more lube. Sitting on this massive silo again, all lubed up for a second time, this time with the lube dripping from you. You wiggle your butt around a bit while you sit there... it's in as far as it's going without more help. So you sit there pushing yourself down on it breathing deep again long exhales... one... two... three... four.

And then you feel the ridge you have been waiting for and the thought crosses your mind. I'm right on the edge, do I finish it off and stick it up there, or will it get stuck! I'm putting a lot of pressure on this to get it in there... As your thinking about this it slips past your hips and it's DEEP inside you. Gasping from the shock and pleasure at the same time. It's in... all the way in... your asshole is halfway down the shaft and you are still gasping in shock. Your brain says get it out of you and your ass is in agreement.

As you gasp for another breath you stand up out of compulsion to remove the plug so you can breath again. But it wasn't on a surface that gave it any suction on the bottom so it just followed your ass when you stood up. Unable to just push it out too weak now for that. Need to get it out, the stretch is overwhelming now. It's sending you into convulsive orgasmic spasms. You can barely stand hanging onto the door frame as you lean there orgasming over and over, getting weaker with each one, you slowly slide down the door frame to the bathroom floor.

As you get close to sitting the plug hits the tile floor and rams itself in another inch as you sit on it. Somehow your brain was enjoying the orgasms so much it half forgot it was in there and still sticking out about 6 inches... now 5. Now the massive plug has suctioned itself to the floor. When you brain wraps around the fact that you just shoved it farther in your body goes into another orgasmic fit. Your legs shove you up and you can feel the resistance against your asshole again, only this time it feels even bigger, but it is coming out slightly easier than it went in.

Gasping for air, convulsing in an orgasm, you manage to pry it from the deeps of you ass to the rim of your hole and out. Convulsing again in an orgasm because it came out so quick that your asshole quivered in shock. Now laying on the bathroom floor totally exhausted. Trying to regain your strength. Thinking to yourself Thank Goodness it came out!

I wonder how many days I'll need to rest before I do this again. It's only gotten better over the years. This plug is truly an amazing accomplishment. Still takes awhile to get it in, but oh, so worth it...

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