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Product Review (submitted on August 24, 2018):
I finally ordered my XXXL Rentman, and now I'm asking myself why I waited so long! My favorite gigantic ass-stuffer for the past few months has been the King Cock 15 Inch Cock With Balls, so I was wondering how the Rentman would measure up. The answer: Extremely well! I got the 70% Soft because I figured it would compress better than the Firm and make it easier to insert. It did that, but it also made it pretty bendy and it's a bit difficult to get the right angle going. Loosening my asshole first with a slightly smaller toy (like the King Cock 15) helped get it started, and then... Holy Crap! This thing is a beast! I've never felt this stuffed by a dildo.

I just wish the Rentman had an option for a real suction suction cup. You can order it with a Vac-U-Lock hole, but the suction cups Doc Johnson makes for their Vac-U-Lock toys are junk. They just slide right of with whatever you stick them on with anything other than the smallest toys. They make a lever-style suction cup and I got one hoping it would work. I put their Really Big Dick dildo on it and it snapped in two. (The suction cup, not the dildo!)

This is an awesome toy, I think you'll love it no matter which size you get!

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