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American Bombshell: B-10 Tango - Gun Metal

American Bombshell: B-10 Tango - Gun Metal

Product Review (submitted on October 28, 2018):
This has been a terrific toy for years, now. As Santa keeps bringing me a much bigger toy each year, it will frequently take months of fucking my ass mercilessly with my biggest, newest, meanest best friend before I can really pound last year's biggest toy to my slutty heart's content. The 2.75 head on this one has always been pretty manageable, as it is the same size as Giant Jumbo Jack (Great American Challenge, sold right here!), with its friendly shape and quick taper for my assring to slam shut upon. Unlike the long shaft and wicked contours of the Great American Challenge (see my porntastic review!) that allow me to slide down 11.5 inches to get that 3 inch thick stretch, the 3 inch middle bump on this monster arrives rather sudden.

To this day, after fucking my ass with much bigger toys for years, that 3 inch bump can still force me to make the cutest noises. If I am really loose and the second bump slips right in, all I have to do to force endless whimpering like a little bitch for Daddy is to pump that middle head in and out to make my asslips pop. 100% Guaranteed whimpering for Daddy as I beg him to keep pumping me with that huge, fat dick. It is difficult to keep this up, as the sensations of that fat 3 inch middle head popping in and out are excruciating in the hottest way, and the combination of whimpering and begging for Daddy to show no mercy as he pumps my sloppy cunt with his huge dick, popping my asslips with every stroke of that 3 inch bump, and increasing the speed, makes me hit higher and higher notes as this monster toy keeps fucking my ever-sloppier manhole.

After the volume and pitch of my whimpering starts competing with my turned up stereo, I start begging Daddy to bury his huge dick all the way inside my sloppy cunt, and I bear down as that enormous 3.25 head forces my asslips open the rest of the way to slip in and bury it. I always have to sit on it for awhile to get used to it, as most toys are oval in shape, so a round 3.25 is still quite startling. I have to move very gently and slowly to begin to fuck this monster, as my slammed shut assring is accustomed to fucking a big, fat shaft, and those bumps are downright startling in the whimpers they force out as they make my asslips pop.

The payoff is that gentle tugging will, eventually, allow for that last monster bump to slide me open, and bearing down to bury it deep again gets easier. The only challenge I have is that I really want to be pounded by this monster, and I need to remember to warm up before making the attempt, or my assring will overheat from the fast popping of that huge bottom head.

It is a great toy to leave in while sitting, and a perfect compliment to the Manolith (see my Porntastic reviews!!!), both as a warmup, and to alternate with that huge, fat, veiny monster.

After pounding my ass relentlessly with much bigger toys, I can slip this one all the way inside my sloppy cunt with just the usual requisite whimpering for Daddy, and I am such a proud little nasty slut when I can bury it so easily that I have to show Daddy what a slut I am and really pound it fast and hard, which I can only do with lots of lube, lots of being fucked deep and hard with much larger toys, and lots of the dirtiest whimpering and begging for Daddy to fuck me hard with his huge, fat dick.

Highly recommended as a toy to help move up in size, as a warmup for bigger things (!), and as a whole different set of sensations to rock your world when fuck yourself silly with any number of huge, fat, veiny dicks.

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